Admission Qualifications

  1. Age – 10-17 years old
  2. English – Students must be able to speak conversational English.  Students’ English level will be determined by a test, school reports and interview.
  3. Academics – For the interview, students must submit their school transcripts (in English) from the last 2 years.
  4. Attitude – Students must show strong determination to study abroad in England
  5. Faith – Students do not have to be Christians to attend the college, but the education at FIC is based on Christian values.
  6. Other – Students must agree to follow school rules.
  7. Interview – Students must pass an interview with the Principal or a person designated by the Principal.

Step 1 : Application

  1. Complete the Registration Form
  2. Send the completed form and the student’s current school report to The application fee (£100) is also due at this time.
  3. After reviewing the application and student’s school report, FIC will request a telephone interview with the student.
  4. Telephone Interview (~1 hour)
  5. If all goes well, FIC will send an acceptance letter to the student.

Step 2 : After Acceptance

  1. Return the signed acceptance letter and send FIC a copy of your child’s passport.
  2. FIC will provide you with the fee account information for the tuition bill payment.
  3. When FIC receives notification of payment, the school will send you a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) number. Please note that a CAS issued is to cover one course. If your child’s period of study covers more than one course, a new CAS will have to be issued at a later date. You will also receive other documents (e.g. medical form)
  4. After receiving the CAS number, your child must apply for a student visa.
  5. While you wait for the visa to be approved, please fill out all necessary forms. You can also go to to help prepare your child.

Step 3 : England

  1. Book flight to England and notify the school of your child’s travel information
  2. Remember to bring the visa and school letter to show to the UK Border Agency.
  3. At your request, a FIC staff member can meet your child at the airport. You can also arrange transportation with FIC. These extra fees will be added at the end of the term.

Boarding contact: Chaerin Lee