Admission Qualifications

  • Age – 10-17 years old
  • Academics – students must submit their school reports from the last 2 years, including their behaviour and attendance record.
  • Faith – Students do not have to be Christians to attend the college, but the education at FIC is based on Christian values.
  • Other – Students must agree to follow school rules.
  • Interview – Students must pass an interview with the Principal or a person designated by the Principal.

To Apply:

Step 1 :

Contact the registrar for more details and to arrange a tour of the school and a meeting with the principal.

Step 2 :

Complete the online application form and email to the registrar.

Step 3 :

Complete the scholarship application form if applicable 

Step 4 :

Interviews will be arranged and successful applicants will be offered a place and contract to sign.