Scholarships are designed to reward excellence and to celebrate exceptional talent and potential. In recognition of their achievement, scholars may be offered a reduction in fees throughout their time at the College, subject to conditions. Scholarships are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

Subject specific or general scholarships may be awarded to candidates based on their performance during an assessment and interview.

The Principal and Business & Finance Manager will consider a number of factors when making the judgement as to the justification for a scholarship, and the extent of such support.

In assessing a child’s suitability, attention will be given to the academic assessment result of each applicant, but potential will also be considered as well as actual achievement. Scholarships are limited and those judged most likely to gain most from the educational provision will be given priority. Each pupil to whom a scholarship is offered must, in the opinion of the Principal, be likely to make sound academic progress following admission and possess the potential to develop the quality of his or her work, and benefit from participation in the wider, extra-curricular activities on offer at the College. Previous school reports will be looked at for evidence of good behaviour.

The financial value of scholarships will vary depending on academic ability and subject choices. However, whatever the financial worth of the award we value all scholars equally, and indeed view recognition as a scholar as the prime reward. Scholarship awards are generally capped at 30% of fees (though exceptional Academic candidates can be awarded up to 60%).

The College respects the confidentiality of scholarships made to families and recipients are expected to do likewise.

If you would like your child to be considered for a scholarship, please contact our Registrar for further information. Alternatively, please complete our Scholarship application form.