Felixstowe International College was founded in 1996 and is open to students of every nationality, sexuality, or religion. The college is co-education and takes students from 9 years of age through to 19 years. We are an accredited examination centre for the University of Cambridge International Examinations as well as the Oxford and Cambridge RSA Examinations, Edexcel and AQA.

The philosophy of the College is ‘friendship through education’ and students receive high-quality tuition in a family atmosphere.

The aim of the school is to welcome students into our family and offer them the opportunity to flourish in a safe academic environment that encourages personal commitment and confidence to deal with future challenges.


When overseas students register to come to FIC, the process is as follows:

  • Interview held in home country (face to face) or by Skype
  • Registration Form received
  • Fee Account Sent
  • Request for copy of passport sent
  • Request for school reports to be sent
  • When fee, school records, and copy passport received, CAS completed and forwarded with visa letter to student
  • Student applies for visa
  • When visa granted the parents are sent:
  • Consent for photos to be taken
  • Medical history form
  • Medical consent form
  • Musical Instrument lessons form
  • Details of what to bring

When British students register to come to FIC, the process is as follows:

  • Registration form received
  • Interview with student and parents
  • Parents asked to bring original of Birth Certificate, proof of address, proof of academic ability
  • Student offered place
  • Fee account sent
  • Parents sent copies of documents above (see overseas students)
  • Signed copies of health documents, photo consent etc. requested before student arrives.
  • When any student arrives the following is carried out:
  • Medical history copied and given to housemother
  • Induction with house staff including road safety, bullying, complaints
  • Student given induction with Deputy Principal and House Mother
  • Any allergies and medication noted and details circulated
  • Contact details updated
  • Child added to registers
  • Update student list
  • Update class list

All parents are also sent information giving details of the following, which are all available on our website:

  • Safeguarding (Child Protection) Policy
  • Complaints Policy
  • Names of teaching staff and their qualifications
  • Exam results from previous year
  • Number of complaints received the previous year

Equal Treatment

FIC’s aim is to encourage applications from candidates with as diverse a range of backgrounds as possible. This enriches our community and is vital in preparing our pupils for tomorrow’s world. Bursaries and scholarships are offered in order to make it possible for as many as possible who meet the School’s admission criteria to attend the School. We are committed to equal treatment for all, regardless of a candidate’s sex, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or social background.

Special Needs

FIC does not discriminate in any way regarding entry. The School welcomes pupils with special educational needs providing that we can offer them the support that they require and they can access our curriculum. We welcome pupils with disabilities provided that our site can accommodate them. However, we strongly advise parents of children with special educational needs and/or physical or mental disabilities to discuss their child’s requirements with us, so that the School can make adequate provision for him/her.

Parents should provide a copy of an educational psychologist’s report or a medical report if they have one. We will discuss thoroughly with parents and their medical advisers the adjustments that can reasonably be made for the child if he/she becomes a pupil at the School.

The Assessment Process

The aim of the process is to identify potential. FIC is looking for well-rounded pupils with a genuine interest in education in the broadest sense of the word, with interests that stretch beyond the confines of the academic curriculum. The School has strong traditions in music, community activities and sport. There are many extracurricular activities, all of which are important in developing a well-balanced, confident individual. No specific preparation for an entrance tests is needed; all candidates start on an equal footing, with identical opportunities to display their academic aptitude.

Many of our students are the children of Missionaries or Pastors, and many of them who attend the school are given a scholarship or bursary for all, or some of the fees. Without this they would not be able to come to FIC.

Admissions Policy

Accessibility Policy