Student Destination

Going to University

All students attending Felixstowe International College are encouraged to apply to UK universities and where appropriate universities outside of the UK.

The UK has an exciting range of Universities and offering a huge variety of courses. Choosing a good university and course is important and at Felixstowe International College we provide full support to help students choose and complete the application process.

Oxford and Cambridge are world renowned and competition for places is high. Students need to have top examination grades and significant ability at interview to gain an offer.

There are a group of between 24 top UK universities known as The Russell Group (or Red Brick) which are an excellent choice for Felixstowe International College students to aim for.

FIC Student Destination 2021

Imperial College, UCL, Loughborough


Imperial College London

(Mechanical Engineering)


UCL, University College London

(Pharmacy, Engineering & Architectural Design)


Loughborough University

(Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence)


London South Bank University

(Psychological Counselling)


Westminster University

(Biochemistry with Foundation)

FIC Student Destination 2018

Imperial College, Manchester, Essex


Imperial College London


University of Manchester


University of Essex

FIC Student Destination 2017

Edinburgh, Imperial, UCL, Brighton College, Liverpool

UCL, University College London

University of Edinburgh

liverpool uni

University of Liverpool

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