Learning how to speak in public allows our students at FIC the ability to communicate effectively with others and build upon their skills of leadership, with poise and professionalism. It challenges our young people to think on their feet and develop an analytical mind-set toward problem-solving.

Throughout the year at FIC our lessons focus on activities that encourage critical and logical thinking and the importance of research and memorisation. The course covers many topics including; presentation technique, interview technique, reciprocal learning, debating and performance. The lessons are structured carefully to cater for foreign students with English as their second language as well as our students for whom English is their first language. Providing Public Speaking lessons within education at FIC is vital as it is a life skill all students should have the opportunity to develop. Speaking confidently empowers our students not only in school and further education but also in any situation they may face.

Public Speaking Assessment

  • Verbal/oral assessment through performance
  • Written speeches
  • Written assessment
  • Worksheets
  • Theory exercises
  • Homework tasks

Public Speaking Units of Work 2021-2024