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If you enjoy meeting and talking to people from other countries, finding out about their cultures and learning how language works, then studying the ‘Modern Foreign Language’ of Chinese Mandarin is an excellent choice for you!

Learning languages allows you to:
● Meet people from different countries and find out more about them
● Learn many skills which are useful in a wide range of careers, such as the ability to communicate clearly, be confident about speaking in public, use problem solving strategies and write coherently
● Add an international dimension to your choice of GCSE subjects, which is something many employers and higher education providers want
● Have greater opportunities to work and/or study abroad, or work for companies in the UK with international links
● Discuss your interests, ideas and opinions with other people who speak the language
● Learn more about countries where the language is spoken, and the people who speak it

GCSE Chinese Mandarin

Exam Board: Edexcel

Designed to make language learning enjoyable and stimulating, this course rewards advanced research and reading skills, and acknowledges the importance of Chinese language culture.

If you have studied Chinese before, you are well prepared to do this GCSE course, however you can also start it from scratch! If you have studied Chinese before, you already know a lot of the vocabulary and grammar you will need for GCSE: you know how to talk about yourself, your family and friends, your hobbies, where you live, school, holidays, food and drink. You will build
on this knowledge during your GCSE course and move on to new topics. If you are starting this as a new language for GCSE you can be confident in knowing that, through your previous studies in other subjects, you have already built up a lot of valuable skills which will help you to learn a new language.

GCSE Chinese helps you explore a wide range of topics, from celebrations and festivals, through getting by as a tourist in China to international campaigns and events. You will learn about Chinese culture through a range of interesting topics which will add to your understanding of the language and country.

Content Overview

  • Listening and understanding in Chinese
  • Reading and understanding in Chinese
  • Writing in Chinese
  • Speaking in Chinese


  • People with language skills and knowledge usually have an advantage over people without them.
  • Stand out as talented and successful people, with broad and exciting horizons.
  • Add an extra dimension to your personal skills profile which will impress anyone who reads your CV
  • Be in a stronger position to get a job in companies with international links or improve employability if you would like to work abroad
  • Be able to work or study in a Chinese-speaking country in later life
  • Be able to study AS and A level Chinese courses to further your knowledge of the language and culture
  • Find it easier to learn other languages later if you want to

Modern Foreign Language Assessment Progress Map

Units of Work and Examinations