Drama teaches you to work as part of a team. Here you will learn to balance ideas, work with and listen to others, evaluate your work and develop your organisational skills. In adult life, there will be many occasions where you will need to work as part of a team and studying Drama will equip you with these skills.

Drama gives you the confidence to perform and present in front of others. When you go for job, college or university interviews, or lead a presentation at work, studying Drama will provide you with the required skills to communicate and deliver confidently in front of others.

In Drama you will need to improvise on a number of occasions. This allows you to think on your feet and develop your initiative. This will hold you in good stead when it comes to taking initiative and adapting in your future workplaces.

Drama will teach you to be creative. It will encourage you to come up with exciting ideas and you will learn how to think outside the box.

You will learn to work towards a deadline. Drama will teach you to be disciplined in managing your time and developing the progress of your piece.

Analysing and evaluating theatre will develop your critical thinking. This is a useful skill that is transferable across a number of subjects.

When you act in Drama you put yourself in to another person’s shoes and try to identify with them and their situation. This will develop your empathy towards others, especially when portraying a character that is experiencing feelings and situations that you may not initially understand. This is a key skill that will open your mind and develop your interaction skills. It is also an essential attribute to many careers such as teaching, nursing or caring.

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