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The Arts Award is aimed at young people to develop as artists and arts leaders. The Arts Award qualifications are designed to inspire learners to grow their arts and leadership talents. Most of all, they aim to support and encourage learners of all levels and abilities and from all backgrounds and cultures to engage and participate in the arts.

Through Arts Award, learners will achieve a national qualification that will build confidence through nurturing their individual interests, while also equipping them with life skills that will support their education and future employment. The project which has many parts is ‘teacher-led, student-driven’. Learners are supported by an adult, who has trained as an Arts Award adviser and acts as an assessor, facilitator and mentor. Lesson structure is organic and depends on individual progress.
Here at FIC we aim to channel talent in the arts through showcasing skills but also finding new ones. We adopt a culture whereby students are encouraged to explore their curiosity, experiment with ideas and to demonstrate their journey through development and documentation of evidence of their creative work for a portfolio.  

Bronze Arts Award Qualification Specification

Silver Arts Award Qualification Specification