Terms and Conditions

The purpose of Felixstowe International College's safeguarding policy is to provide a secure framework for the school in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of those pupils who attend our school. The policy, within the guidelines of the Children Act, aims to ensure that:

   • All our pupils are safe and protected from harm.
   • Other elements of provision and policies are in place to enable pupils to feel safe and adopt safe practices;
   • Staff, pupils, advisors, visitors and parents are aware of the expected behaviour and the school’s legal responsibilities in relation to the safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all of our pupils.

The Children Act gives Social Care authorities the duty to take whatever steps are necessary to determine whether each pupil’s welfare is being adequately safeguarded and promoted, and this can involve entry to inspect the school’s premises and records, and to see and interview pupils. Child protection requirements must be known and observed by all adult staff on site, including temporary and ancillary staff. Therefore all new members of staff are made fully aware of requirements and all staff are required to attend child protection training every three years. Felixstowe International College’s policy on child protection and welfare can be found in the Parent Handbook.


Felixstowe International College relies solely on tuition income to meet annual operating expenses. Therefore, it is necessary that the financial obligations for enrolment be for the entire school term. Once a family accepts a place for their child, they are initiating their commitment to begin or continue tuition payments for the entire school term, even if the student is voluntarily withdrawn or expelled from school.

1. Withdrawal by parent:

Parents must give a full term's notice of their intention to withdraw their child. A term's fees in lieu of notice will be payable where insufficient statutory notice is given, in writing, to the Principal.

2. Withdrawal by Principal:

The Principal may require the removal of a pupil at any time if the student’s removal has been determined to be in the interest of other pupils or of the College. In these circumstances, there will be no refund of fees for the current term and a full term’s fees will be payable in lieu of statutory notice.

3. Withdrawal due to illness:

If a student withdraws due to serious illness or due to a family emergency a full term’s fees will be payable.

If you cancel your course before arrival for any other reason, no refund will be given. If you cancel your course after arrival, leave the school early, or miss any lessons, no refund will be given.


All students who register to attend Felixstowe International College must have full insurance for: medical expenses (medical emergencies, repatriation costs, emergency dental treatment, etc.), personal accident and injury, cancellation of courses, missed flights, personal liability, legal expenses, and personal belongings and documents. Students must bring a copy of all insurance documents.


In case of a medical emergency, the College will act in “loco parentis” for students under the age of 18.


For students studying in the UK for over 6 months, parents/guardians are responsible for applying for their child’s Student Visa. If you need to cancel enrolment before arrival due to visa refusal, or if you are refused entry to the UK, we shall refund your tuition fees in full, excluding a £100 cancellation charge. We will need to see the visa refusal letter in order to give you a refund.

Damage or Loss

The College is not liable for the loss, damage, or theft of any personal effects, including money not in the care of the College Office. We advise parents to arrange full insurance for health, travel, and possessions. We also advise that students do NOT bring any valuable items unless they are insured.

Airport transportation

Expense for the transfer of the student from and to the airport or to and from the College is the responsibility of the parents or guardians. The College can arrange individual transportation; however, this will be an additional charge.


The signed Registration Form gives permission for the student to participate in all supervised activities inside and outside the College premises. With the Principal’s permission, students may go out unsupervised in a group of at least three students. Only students over 13 will be allowed to go out in groups, unsupervised. Students under 13 will be accompanied at all times.


Please provide a copy of the child's passport.