Student Testimonials

Many of our former students have continued their  education at English Universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, London School  of Economics and Imperial College.



Dear Dr. Kim,
Good morning. My name is ooo, English name is xxx. I am 14 years old and I’m in Class 1. I’m from Korea. I like FIC because all students are kind and fun. FIC is better than Korean school. I want to speak English good – My speaking is not good. So I came to FIC.
I like Dr. Kim because Dr. Kim is teaching us and kind to us. He teaches about good things. I like play soccer or play badminton.
And I like to listen to music and play piano, guitar, drum… I like music and sports (exercise).<deleted>( Jan 2015)

Dear Dr. Kim,
My name is ooo. I’m from Korea, city is in xxx. I like soccer. My family is four people, father, mother, younger brother, and me. I like all FIC. One thing I don’t like is taking away my smart phone. I like my room. I like FIC breakfast. I don’t like UK because UK food is very expensive. I like UK sea UK sea is very pretty. My hobby is to listen to music. I like Dr. Kim because Dr. Kim is very kind, handsome. FIC school is very big and very good and nice. FIC students are very kind to me and good people. UK is very cold because very strong winds. (Jan 2015)

Dear Dr. Kim
Hello Doctor Kim. My name is 000
I’m from Korea.
I live only with my mother. My mother job is academy teacher.
Before I came here I very worried. But after I came here I don’t worry it because friends, teacher,
everybody so kind.
I like FIC because so beautiful and quiet.
I don’t speak English very well. But I try hard.
I’m glad to be here as a student.  Because I’m came here my life will change. thank you. ( Jan 2015)

Dr. Kim,

Hello, Dr. Kim.
My name is 000 for Korean and my English name is Grace. My name have some reason.
My parents thought I am grace of God when I’m born.
So they made my name to take first words of Korean, also my English name has same reason.

Now I’ll introduce about our family. Our family have been Christian form grandfather of grandfather. So our parents’ friends said, ” Your family are so great Christian.”
Also, my father is engineer, and my mother is nurse. Furthermore, they have teached students who are in church. For last, I have one sister who is 9 years. She is cute so my Korean friends like her.

And I am 12 years old in UK. Also I like Genesis story that you told to us. It can understand quickly and can have fun at the same time. So I’m so thank to you. And I was very surprised when I first went to here because here is so nice. Nice sisters who care about me kindly, great roommates….

Also, I had first worship service here with you, Dr. Kim. I’m little bit hard to pay attention because of difference of time (jet lag-author added), but your speech is so interesting. Also I can learn from you about Bible. Thanks to you.
I will not worry about new school here. Because I can pray to God!
From Grace. (Jan 2015)



Dear Dr. Kim,
My name is ooo and I’m 13 years old. I live in xxx city of Korea. I have 4 members in my
family. My mom, my dad, my younger sister, and me. I think Felixstowe International College had good teachers and good students. I like my friends AAA and BBB. They are kind and if I don’t know something, they are telling me. I like Doctor Kim much too because he tells me good things in Bible and in my life. Also his speech have good things in there. Also he’s fun so I can listen to his speech well. He has mny ideas and many games. I think  Felixstowe International College is good place. I can go to Spar and town. Also it has good bed, good bathroom, dining room. When I go to town and see some houses. In Korea, it has a lot of apartments but in UK, it has little houses so it is so cute and beautiful. I want to live in there. In town. It has a lot of beautiful things. So if I have a lot of money, I want to buy them. I think here is more cheap than Korea. When I go to town I will go to Poundland first. When I grow up, I want to be a scientist. I want to listen Dr. Kim’s speech again when he has time. (January 2015)

Hello Dr. Kim, I’m 000.
Thank you for your speech, there was many new information for me although I almost did not go. Thank you for changing my mind yesterday, because before last night, my mind is between evolutionism and creation theory. Thank you for giving me a chance to come to this school. In China, the education is so crazy, I get a new education in the UK. Many things are different, and it opens my mind (although it is slowly), and I think students in FIC school are kind to me so it is easier for me to make new friends. By now, M is my best friend. It is so fantastic. And school gives us much free time to do many things that I want so I have much time to do my hobby. It is very important for me. And after I came to this school I was a goal keeper again. Before, I don’t think football is interesting, but now, I think football is good. I have to do my best to keep ball from goaling. Thank you for these things. (Jan 2015 from a Chinese student at FIC)


Dear Dr. Kim,

Hello! I hope you are well.

Thank you for the inspiring messages that you shared with us. They really encouraged me to act more like what God wants me to be like and to remind myself again why I am here.

I am really enjoying my time here. Although the environment is quite different than my previous high school, I found myself being more comfortable in the educational style of FIC. One of the aspects that I think is great about the a-level system is that there are no tests after each unit that accumulates to our final grade average. Since I do not have to constantly be thinking about acing the next exam, I can focus more on fully understanding the material and completing my assignments while thinking about the relevance of the assignment to the concepts that I am learning in class. I think that this method of education increases the quality of school work and learning, because the process of gaining knowledge and understanding is valued rather than a numerical number on an assignment or test. This style of learning allows those who enjoys learning and studies diligently to succeed rather than a student who is good at guessing the correct answer out of four choices on a multiple choice exam. Personally, I believe I will get more out of this educational system, and I will study hard to grasp this material and eventually receive a good grade on my A-level exam. Through out my studies, I will constantly pray for God to give me strength and guide me. Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity that you have provided me!

After being the youngest in my family for all my life, I became one of the oldest girl here in FIC. I hope that I can become a good example for the others!

The Christian aspect of this school has been a big influence for me as well. As you know, Dr. Kim, I have not been around much kids at church for a very long time, so attending prayer meetings, sharing prayer requests, and playing accompaniment in a praise band is a really uplifting part of my spiritual life. I do think that I am becoming closer with God, and I strive to take the message you shared with us to heart- to give thanks in all circumstances (1Thessalonians 5:18).

Out of curiosity Dr. Kim, why did you decide to become a pharmacist and enter the research field?

I can’t wait till you come here again!

God bless!     An 11th grade student who transferred from the USA to FIC.


Dear Dr. Kim,

Hello. I am Jae Hoon. I’m sure you’re doing well. I am having fun at school. New exercise/sports equipment have come, so I am having fun playing with them. I am writing to you because I will be taking the GCSE test soon. Tomorrow is the day Da Hee, Se Young, and Hyun Bin are leaving. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other, but I am so sad that they are already leaving. When you see this letter, please pray for them. Nowadays, we also have regular prayer meetings. At first, the students were very wary of the prayer meetings, but now their faith has strengthened. I am Catholic, so I didn’t know much about Christianity but at FIC I learned about other religion and participated it and I liked the experience so much.… The teachers are teaching us very well here. But science is a bit hard. I will try to work harder and become a better person during the rest of my time here. I hope you stay well until you come back to visit.

Jae Hoon Lee


Dear Dr. Kim,
Hello, I am Yi Seul Hong. I am a student at FIC. I hope you are well. Thank you for always praying for us.
We’ve all been very busy, but we have more free time now. We just finished our exams, you see. I am so happy.
Now that it’s spring, the weather is so warm and the air is very fresh. Since it’s nice out, I can happily play soccer with my friends and the other students. Now that vacation has started, we have more time to play. On Sundays, we fully use our time very meaningful ways. We go to worship service in the morning. Then we eat lunch and have lessons and in the evening, we sing English praise songs. On Fridays and Saturdays, students can join prayer groups if they want to. All the kids – big and little – get along very well. I am thankful for that. I will pray for you also, Dr. Kim. God bless~ ^^ Yi Seul


Dr. Kim,
Hello. I am Na Un. Do you remember me?
Here are my thoughts on FIC:
– Being near the ocean and running across the open country is like a dream for me
– I like that the school is small and that a lot of students are Korean (if there were too many foreigners, I think it would be hard for me)
– You can walk to the Town in just 10 minutes, and there’re lots of stuffs I like (are all Towns like that?)
– It was very easy to settle down here, I don’t think there are any bad kids here
– You’re not forced into religion (Christianity)
I also have suggestions:
– We normally have PE (gym class) twice a week, but I would like it to be at least 3 times a week
– I think the study levels should be a bit higher

I hope you stay well. Na Un Kim.


To Dr. Kim <3
Hello. ^ ^ I am a student from FIC named Da Eun Jung. I was given the opportunity to write about my time here at FIC. ^ ^ First, if you look at all the facilities, we have Class rooms, Common rooms, ICT room, Dining room, and outside we have a badminton court and a field. We have lessons in the Class rooms. The dorms and Class rooms are right next to each other so I like that I can go into the Class rooms any time to study. In the Common room, there are some instruments (piano, drum, guitar), lots of English books, and a big TV. I like to read there in the morning, watch movies on the weekend, and we have worship service in the Common room on Sunday. Before worship service, our praise team Pillgram(?) sings songs. I really love to hear them sing and it makes me feel blessed. The ICT room…has computers that we use. On weekends, we can use the computers for personal things. If you open the ping pong table, then you can play ping pong whenever you want. ^ ^ In the dining room, we eat meals and snacks that Mr. Mirek makes.
I like that you can keep your own food in the dining room fridge. Outside, you can play soccer on the grassy field and you can play badminton on the badminton court. Two minutes away from FIC there’s also a Sports Center. Here, we have PE (gym class). If you walk 3 minutes away, you can see the ocean. It’s so open and so beautiful that I like to go there when I feel anxious. From 7-9pm, FIC lets you have pre time. During that time you can do your homework or study. Every Friday and Saturday, there are prayer meetings. The praise team and lots of the students get together to pray. We pray for each other and for our families in Korea.
Once a month, FIC lets us go on trips. We go to famous places in England and take lots of pictures. ^ ^ I think that there are a lot of nice people here at FIC. We have Mr. Mirek who makes all our food, Ms. Maria who cleans our school, Ms. Grace who does all our laundry, and the teachers who give us valuable lessons…I feel like the school is a very warm and welcoming place. I think when I go back to Korea, I will have lots of wonderful memories and I think my English will be a lot better.
The kids here are very nice and we get along like family. ^ ^ FIC is a place full of happiness and love…Please come visit us sometime ^^!!! Thank you..
3/28/2013 Da Eun

(P.S.) We also have a Chinese club and Reading club every weekend. The principal teaches the Chinese and Reading clubs. I think both my Chinese and English have gotten much better. Ms. Chae Rin teaches us idioms, and I think it’s very fun and amusing ^ ^


Hello Dr. Kim
I think that our school’s facilities are very well equipped…
The other kids are nice and always seem to be happy and smiling.
The students can misbehave sometimes, but they all try hard.
The pressure isn’t as intense as in Korea, and I like that we go on trips.
When we have worship service, the students try hard to focus and focus on God.
I love and trust in God. Thank you for reading my letter. Ye Chan Namkoong


To Dr. Kim
Dr. Kim! I’m Bo Kyung! How are you doing?
I’m doing great! I like my new friends and the older kids are nice to me too. The house mother and teachers are all very smart and they help me a lot. I think my (English) accent is a lot better. I can play soccer a lot so it’s very fun. Thank you for telling me that I’ll like it in England and helping me come here!
Thank you!!
Someone who respects Dr. Kim so much,
Bo Kyung Kim


Hello Dr. Kim,

I’m Min. First of all, I just wanted to say that our school’s food is very good. The facilities and teachers are good too!! I think this is one of the best foreign schools. But sometimes it’s hard to understand the teachers… I think the classrooms are very well equipped too. The merit and demerit systems are working well and teachers are very kind. I especially like the natural environment and the worship service is very good.


To. Dr. Kim
Hi Dr. Kim I’m Andy. Let me just tell you about the school. First I like that I can play so much soccer, and I don’t have to study so much. I really like the principal. I also like the math teacher. One thing I don’t like is the food. Also the house mother seems very restrictive. That’s all
Won Joon Hwang


To. Dr. Kim

Hello~ I’m a student named Hwa Eun Lee.
I think FIC is a place where people are very considerate and supportive and good. I think if you try hard, your study skills can get better. I think that this place can help you be filled with the Holy Spirit. I like the sermons and really like the prayer meetings. I like it because I feel closer to God and my faith has grown a lot and I think that I can feel God’s love. The principal, vice principal, house mother, students..they are all very nice and godly people ^^. I really like it here a lot. The teachers try really hard to teach us well. I also like how the kids get along so well!! And Dr. Kim!! Thank you so much for all you do ^^ The atmosphere at FIC is very clear and the scenery is very beautiful so I like being in Felixstowe!! Dr. Kim, thank you once more. Please stay healthy and well. Goodbye~

Hwa Eun Lee


Dear Dr. Kim,
Hello. I’m Jae Joon Kim. I hope that you are well. I admire you as you travel all over the world. I have to take the GCSE soon, so I’m study for that. (If you remember me when you pray, please pray for me!)
First, our school’s studies and activities let students study freely and it seems like the perfect environment. I praise God for letting me come to this school. Although my faith is modest, it is developing because of this community. The kids here are developing in a community of love and trust. The atmosphere here is one of lots of love and laughter. Thank you for all you do for our school. Goodbye!
From. Jae Joon


To. Dr. Kim
Hello. Dr. Kim! I’m a student here at FIC named Ji Na Hwang.
I don’t write letters much so I don’t really know what to say. I’d like to say that I’ve learned a lot more than I thought I would. When I first came here, I was worried about how different the food and culture would be from Korea. The food we have on weekdays is just okay, but the food the pastor’s wife makes on weekends is yummy. I had a little bit of trouble using a knife and fork at first, but I’ve gotten used to it now.
As far as classes go – I think English, Music, and Art class are very fun, but Science and Math are hard. But I think I’m doing okay overall. I do have one thing I’d like to ask- please pray for the school and the students and teachers, and please pray that I do well and focus on my dreams.
Ji Na

“All the staff, teachers, and friends at FIC  were friendly and so nice to me that I didn’t really have to worry about having  home-sick during my time at FIC. It’s truly amazing to see how I changed  at FIC.  I used to not  be brave  enough to express myself with confidence, but I became someone who could demonstrate  my ideas with confidence and be more responsible by the time  I finished studying at FIC.”

“Felixstowe International College helped me to  create my dreams and become more mature. I have learnt how to study and become more  sociable.”

“I have been studying here at F.I.C since the  beginning of the year. This period of time has influenced me more than any  other experience in my life”

“I have been here for just over six months and I  will be taking my G.C.S.E’s in June.  I received an academic scholarship from The  Royal Hospital School and will be starting my ‘A’ levels there in September.  I  always appreciate the staff’s support while studying English and many other  things”

“I first came to F.I.C just for the summer course but  I decided to come back. I like the kind teachers, the lessons and the housemother.  I could  not play the piano or cello before – but I can now!”