Admission Policy

Allegations involving a member of staff 2017

Allergy and Intolerance Policy

Anti-bullying Policy

Appeals Against Internally Assessed Marks Policy

Assessment and Marking Policy

Marking Policy

Assessment Policy

Behaviour and Discipline Policy Including Rewards Sanctions Exclusion

Behaviour Flowchart

Behaviour Policy 2017

Boarding Policy and Procedures

Bullying and Harrassment At Work Policy

Careers Policy

Child Protection Procedure Flowchart

Child Sexual Exploitation Policy

Children Leaving the School Premises Without Permission Policy

Children Missing Education

Complaints Flow Chart

Complaints Notice

Complaints Policy – Students

Complaints Policy – Parents

Computer Safety Policy

Consent for Photographs to be taken policy 2017

Curriculum Policy

Data Protection Policy

Equality and Social Cohesion

Exams Policy

Extremism and Radicalisation Policy

FGM Policy

First Aid Policy

Good Table Manners 2017

Health & Safety At Work Policy

Lone Worker Policy

Medical Policy

Medications Policy

Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

Out of Schools or Residential Trips Policy

Perfect Job Description

Photographs Policy 2017

Prep Policy


Race Equality and Equal Opportunities

Recruitment Policy

Restraint Policy

Restraint Policy – Appendix 1

Report Writing Policy

Rewards Policy

Risk Management Policy

Road Safety Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Safe Recruiting Policy

Searching Policy

Serious Disciplinary Offences Policy

Shared Room Policy

Site Security Policy

Special Education Needs and Disability Policy

Staff Code of Conduct

Staff Development Policy

Staff Grievance Policy 2017

Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy

Trafficked and Exploited Children Policy

Training Policy

Travel Policy

Visitors Policy

Walking to school Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy

Work Experience Policy

2017 Parents’ Handbook