Parents’ Information

What to bring:


Please tick the items you will supply.   You will be provided with a school tie and sweatshirt on arrival at Felixstowe International College and the cost of these, and any other items you wish us to supply will be added to your fee account.

SCHOOL UNIFORM – instruction on how to purchase the school uniform will be given by e-mail.

Parent Handbook will be provide as well



Quantity Clothing I will supply School to supply
2 Grey trousers or skirts
4 Long-sleeved white shirts
2 Grey sweaters
1 Tracksuit for sport
1 White polo shirt for games
2 Pairs of pyjamas
1 Dressing gown
1 Swimsuit (optional)
1 Thin sweatshirt
1 Warm trousers
10 Underwear
8 Pairs grey socks (boys) white or grey socks or black tights (girls)
2 Pairs thick socks
1 Waterproof jacket or anorak
1 Winter coat
Casual clothes
Hat, scarf and gloves