Parent Testimonials

I think my son had a lot of fun at the Summer Camp because he called me and asked me to send him to the Winter Camp. I think the strengths of this programme are safety and the curriculum.  I believe the balance between studies, activities, and trips in the summer camp was perfect.  – written on the blog of a 13 year old student who attended FIC’s summer camp


I hear about FIC from my child, and it seems like a very wholesome and fun place.  FIC helps children grow in faith.  My child attended church in Korea, but has become more passionate and devoted in FIC. The sermons given by the Chairman and the principal help to light a fire in students’ faiths.


The faith shared between students at FIC is very wholesome. Before, even though we went to church, my child still loved to listen to pop songs.  However, now she loves to sing praise songs and even learned to play an instrument for worship.  Her relationship with other students is very supportive and strong in faith.  I’m also very thankful that my child seems to be more focused on her studies and has more ambition.  My child used to wonder why she had to study, questioned what she would do in the future, and did not care much for studies at all.  Now, my daughter says she wants to go to the best college in England.  This isn’t just ambition to go to college, now she is more motivated to learn and discover herself for the future.

Lastly, I am thankful for the care and love my child receives at FIC. Even though my son/daughter is thousands of miles away, I don’t feel worried at all. The teachers and staff look after and care for the students as if they were family, which really eases my mind.  I am so thankful to the Chairman, principal, and teachers who teach and look after my child.


My child has been in FIC for 4 months now.  I think it was good fortune that we found out about FIC. We were disappointed in public school education and were looking for a good school when we heard about FIC’s educational philosophy. To be honest, we had not thought about sending our child overseas.  However, my daughter has always wanted to go overseas to study in Canada or Europe and she was so insistent in going that we ended up sending her to England.  In the beginning, we were half worried and half excited at the same time.  Now, after only 4 months, I am very thankful. First of all, I’m thankful for the faith my child has received. After she became a Christian, I feel like my child is changing every day and we are so thankful.  My child was a model child but she wasted a lot of time playing with her smartphone but now she is more aware of herself and others. She was a very timid child but with prayer, her character is growing stronger.  She also used to not like exercising but she is starting to exercise more.

The second reason I’m thankful is because my daughter is learning a sense of community by living in the dorms and gets along with other students like family.  Older students are good role models in studies and faith and she’s learning from them.  My daughter used to wake up late all the time, but she is learning to be proactive and wakes up early so everything we used to worry about in Korea has all disappeared.

Third, I am thankful that she has now begun to actively think about her plans and studies. In Korea, she didn’t even go to after-school academy and just studied English by herself so she felt a little lacking.  I am so thankful that she is  planning more for her studies.

Fourth, my daughter loves school and has become much more confident and I am so thankful for that.  I am also grateful in the way she has embraced the Chairman’s and principal’s teaching.  I am thankful for all the people who have helped my daughter become a more thoughtful person.

I wish that more children could go to FIC and realize their dreams. 10 is a very important age for a child and FIC will help nurture your child.  FIC will help children realize their dream, help in their studies, and change their world to become good workers. I would like to thank the Chairman, principal, and teachers once more.


Dear Muriel,

It a great pleasure to meet you on Friday, at least now we have faces to the email names.

Our appreciation to the School Principal, Mr Peter for taking his to time to pick us up from the train station and later in the evening to take us back,we feel honoured indeed. Also members of the School Staff made us feel at home and relaxed throughout the visit and dinner.

Thank you so much for the hospitality.

Please pass our gratitude to Dr Kim. We would like to thank him for everything and to let him know that both Marian and Jessica are very happy with the School environment and they already started making friends. We pray that they adapt to the system and study to the expectations of the teachers and sponsors. (Jan 18, 2015)