About Felixstowe International College





Felixstowe International College has a wealth of experience in nurturing young minds and has proven this through excellent exam results and placements into some of the finest universities in the country including Oxford and Cambridge. A wide variety of activities and excursions help our students to develop not only academically but also socially.

We encourage our students to aspire to the highest levels of achievement through self-evaluation and continual monitoring from staff. We consider the attributes of each individual and ensure that they have the support they fully deserve in all disciplines. Students will quickly adapt to life in the UK and will experience a new way of life which will help them to fulfill their aspirations.

“All the staff, teachers, and friends at FIC  were friendly and so nice to me that I didn’t really have to worry about having home-sick during my time at FIC. It’s truly amazing to see how I changed at FIC. I used to not be brave  enough to express myself with confidence, but I became someone who could demonstrate my ideas with confidence and be more responsible by the time I finished studying at FIC.”

“Felixstowe International College helped me to create my dreams and become more mature. I have learnt how to study and become more  sociable.”

“I have been studying here at F.I.C since the beginning of the year. This period of time has influenced me more than any other experience in my life”

“I first came to F.I.C just for the summer course but I decided to come back. I like the kind teachers, the lessons and the housemother. I could  not play the piano or cello before – but I can now!”

“…thank you so much for making us feel so welcome and for providing us with beautiful music and dance. We really enjoyed this and can see how talented you are.” Ofsted Nov 16 Student Summary

 “The atmosphere in the school and Maybush house is one of tolerance, kindness and fun. We thought that this was a credit to all of you.” Ofsted Nov 16 Student Summary