Camp Testimonial

Hello Dr. Kim.

I’m ooo. I like you because you’re teaching me good information about Bible. Always I feel thanks for you. You gave me more belief to God. Maybe, God also happy to you. I read Genesis but I didn’t read carefully. Also, I like FIC and UK because in FIC many people help me to speak English and gave happy to me. England is good country. England have many kind people like our teachers. I like my teachers. But sometimes they angry to me. Also some house staff. So I am sad about it. Also I’m not satisfy to it. But, still I’m thanks to my God and Parents. They help me to come to England. I think I am growing up little by little bit. So I’m happy for tat. God loves everybody. Jesus too. Jesus forgive us. I learned that in England from Mr. Kim, Pastor Lee and you! I feel happy to read the Bible. Now I know Genesis. You are good! If you want to know more about me you can ask me! I’m glad to do that every time~ please ask me. Umm…you are handsome, cool, and smart so you finish PhD. I respect you! My friend wants to become pharmacist. Oh! I want to become translator. Thanks for reading my letter~ (2015 January Winter Camp student)



Hello Mr. Peter Kim

FIC is a very good (school).

I’ll miss you.

It was a good camp.

Thank you Mr. Peter Kim(2015).



Dear Mr. Kim,

I want to study more here. I really enjoyed staying here.

The trips, the teachers, the students were so good. I like my classmates. And I will miss them a lot. Thank you for everything.

I learned many things from you. Thank you. ^.^ (2015 January Camp student)

I really enjoy my life here in FIC. The students here are really kind, and the teachers are really kind, too. I want to talk about the trips in UK first.  I really enjoy the trip to London, even though it’s hard, but I think if we can spend more time in British Museum it would be much better. Maybe that’s because I’m interested in it.  Also, spend only 1 day in London is not enough, maybe we can go to visit London next time. For me this is a perfect environment to practice English.  All the teachers are kind and classmates are friendly. This school is different from others because this school will focus on students’ spiritual life.



Hello Dr. Kim,
My name is ooo. I am 13 years old in Korea. I live in Ulsan Korea. First, I am disappointed about British because we didn’t do any thing but now it’s very good. Because we can play table tennis, play basketball, and go to town. So now is very good.
I respect Dr. Kim. He is very handsome and he smiles every time. Also he is very smart. He is very good person. I have question t Dr. Kim “I want to become good person like you so what should I do?” I like sports very much. Especially soccer is my favorite sport. Soccer is so fun. My family has four people. My father is in public office. My mom is very good housewife. My older brother is student in Navy academy and my dream is to be a Navy soldier like my brother. ( 2015 January Winter Camp student)



My name is ooo.

My English name is Lily. My English is not good so I went to FIC. I like FIC because it is beautiful and big. Felixstowe is good. I like UK because I can see new tings. I like Dr. Kim because he is kind. Then, he teaches good bible. Your teaching is fun. I hope you will continue. I have parents and a brother. My father works at Hyundai car. My father makes many cars. My mother is housewife. My parents are kind and nice. My brother is twenty-two years old. He is in the military. I live in Ulssan. We can see the sea at Ulsan. So I love Ulsan. I want to see many things in UK then I want to study many tings in FIC. Bye. ( 2015 January Winter Camp student)

The summer at the FIC in 2013 has become my life’s turning point. I decided to come back to the FIC after I studied her during the summer Camp with teachers in England educational system. I like the facilities as well as the principal and Dr. Kim, the chairman of the board.2013 Summer Camp student – 8th grade

During 2013 Summer Camp, Dr. Kim’s message was so powerful and gave me confidence in my vision. So, I have decided to come to the FIC.  I was so happy to gain so many precious things in my life. 2013 Summer Camp student – 9th grade



Mr. Principal,
Our Daegu-team arrived safely back in Daegu.
Teacher, thank you for being a good leader for us and always smiling even when we gave you a hard time. Also, I am grateful for the sermons you gave every Sunday. Thank you for sharing God’s word with us even when it wasn’t Sunday.

Looking back, there is a lot I am thankful for from this program.
Everything you said left a deep impression on me.
Now that I’m in Korea, I’ll be going to school and studying in afterschool academies…I think I’ll miss FIC quite a lot.

That one month was such a fun trip and learning experience.

Thank you so much. Ho Joon Lee



To: Dr. Joseph Kim
Hello!! I am a student here at FIC named Da Hee.
I came here in January and now it’s already April, so I’ve been here for 3 months ^ ^ The 3 months I’ve been here have been so fun, time just seems to have flown by. The other kids are all very nice, and the dorms are neat and clean. On weekends, the pastor’s wife cooks Korean food and I think it tastes the best ^ ^ I’ve only been here 3 months but…I think I like it here even more than my house. We go on trips about once a month, and the trip to see the musical is the one I liked best. We went to watch soccer, but the stadium was so cold I thought I would freeze to death. I’m a girl, so I wasn’t very interested in it anyway. For trips, I think we should go to see musicals or movies- I also want to ride the London Eye. The London Eye is very famous in England and I want to visit because it’s fun…^ ^ Another thing I like is that I am able to serve God on the Praise Team. Every week, we’d have prayer meetings, and I always felt very blessed. Because of the prayer meetings, some kids would speak in tongues or have visions and some kids felt peace and healing! I think it was a very good experience. However, I was a bit unhappy that there wasn’t a private room for me to pray by myself, away from others’ eyes. . I would be happy if a private prayer room was built. <>

I feel sad that I can’t stay here longer because of financial limitations. I would love to come back because I feel like there is so much more I can learn here. Please pray that I can come back again! English is very hard, but I feel like I learned a lot ^ ^ Thank you for coming here and teaching us. Pray that I still study hard in Korea! Thank you. Goodbye.

From Da Hee



Dr. Kim,
Hello, my name is Hyun Bin Park. I am leaving for Korean tomorrow. I was at FIC for 3 months. I couldn’t concentrate on my studies in Korea, so I didn’t do very well. Then, God let me come to FIC. When I first came to FIC, I was very worried. I was worried whether I would be able to study well at FIC. As I studied here, I was able to focus on my studies and I felt that my English was getting better and better. School here is very different from school in Korea. I am very happy that my English has gotten better. My faith has also grown. It got better as I went to prayer meetings. I feel like I have learned a lot in FIC. Also, when I go outside in the morning, the air is so fresh that I wake right up. I really like England. I learned to play the drums in FIC too. I think I enjoy playing the drums. I also learned how to play the piano. I’m in my 6th year of elementary school right now. I am learning math, and I’m in middle school level math. It was very hard at first. But I studied hard and did all my homework and math started to be easier for me. Even learning science is easier when I study hard. I feel so regretful. I am going to Korea, but I am still happy. I am going back to Korea after having learned a lot. When you came here to speak to us, I feel that I have become more devoted to God. Thank you and I hope you always have good health. Thank you once again, Dr. Kim.
Hyun Bin Park



Dr. Kim,
Hello. I am Se Young Kim. What I learned in my 3 months here was to find joy in God. I had fun learning and the food was very good. I especially liked playing soccer here. I think I am very fortunate to have come here. I believe that my faith has grown since I came here.

Se Young