UK Maths Challenge


The Senior Team Mathematics Challenge was held at Northgate High School in Ipswich on 30th November where 20 teams representing their school took part.

The competition comprised 3 rounds:

Round 1(40mins): The teams had to solve 10 challenge questions together.

Round 2(40mins): The teams split in pairs to solve “Cross numbers” in which each pairs’ answers help the other pair to solve their questions.

Round 3(32mins): The relay round in which the pairs have to give answers to the other pair with which they can solve their question.

FIC was represented by Seongwon Hong, Gabriella Li, Kyungha Lee and Shenghui Duan.

FIC came 9th place out of 20 teams which is most commendable considering they did not have much time to prepare for the competition.

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