Aims and Objectives


Motto “Friendship through Education”


Our Mission

An international community living and working together and in the local community to achieve individual academic success and learn life skills.


Our Vision

Aspires to be the best possible starting point in British independent boarding education for boys and girls from around the world.  With an in-depth understanding and experience of meeting the particular needs of international students, the School provides individuals with a focused pastoral, cultural and academic experience in a supportive, safe and caring environment.


Our Values

Based on a Christian ethos we promote mutual trust and respect, commitment, integrity and tolerance in a global society.


We aspire to:

  • help our pupils develop into happy, confident, caring, resilient young men and women.
  • provide high quality teaching and learning which will enable pupils to enjoy their studies and become independent and confident learners able to fulfil their academic potential.
  • be a community in which the quality of relationships is given a high priority, and in which pupils and staff work together for the benefit of each other and the wider world.
  • provide personal guidance and support to help our pupils enjoy school, negotiate risk and make good choices.
  • introduce and encourage our pupils to join clubs and volunteer in the local community that will expand their people skills, develop their talents and gain in confidence while improving their English.
  • we want pupils to discover things they are good at, which they can enjoy and which boost their self-esteem.
  • help our students develop the skills, qualities and goals that will enable them to pursue their ambitions at university and find employment in the rapidly changing world of work.